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      And they tell me youre going to be Mayor of Bracebridge next year, said Mrs Goodford, delighted to have drawn him into conversation with{27} her. If only she could engage him in it she trusted herself to make him lose his temper before many minutes were over.

      Have you been thinking about that all this time? he asked.CHAPTER VI

      There is little chance of that whenever you go, said he.

      Well, then, Im sure thats all comfortably settled, she said, and pray, Mamma, and you, Thomas, dont go worrying each other any more, when we might be having such a pleasant family party, on Sunday afternoon too. Come along with me, Mamma, and lets have our coffee served in my boudoir, and lets all sit and cool after our lunch.

      She got up and overturned a tray of pens in her eagerness to write to Julia. This, of course, gave fresh provender to her mothers intuition. She could put two and two together as well as most people, and hardly ever failed to make the result five. It was quite obvious that Mr Silverdale had proposed to Alice, and that in consequence Mrs Fysons ill-founded expectations for Julia had fallen as flat as a card-house. No wonder Alice could afford to forgive her friend.


      The boy covered with buttons opened the door to her. She hoped that Mrs Keeling would not be richly crossing the Gothic hall. She wanted only to get quietly into the library and go on with letter M. Letter M implied a quantity of cardboard slips.


      Well, I call that beautiful, she said, and if youll let me know when the funeral is, Ill send a wreath.


      Yes, Leonardo da Vinci....